Your Best Untapped Resource!

Cogent is a business accelerator purposefully designed to aid it’s members in solving for their current and future business challenges. These don’t have to be problems. They could simply be something that you want to learn more about and don’t have the time to explore.

The collective is made up of your peers in Marketing and eCommerce. Many of them have the same struggles and needs as you. Some of you engage more with us than others and that’s perfectly understandable. We have been able to collect enough data and information from surveys and interviews to drive our mission forward. We have developed our current partnerships because the data we have gathered told us that these are the most relevant solutions needed by the collective, and it’s been working.

So, ask yourself these questions and let the answers decide if you should engage more with us as we head into 2022:

  1. Do you have time to meet with even 20% of the sales reps that reach out to you?
  2. Do you feel like you do a good enough job curating and vetting solutions to drive your business forward?
  3. Are you up to speed on all the emerging tech at your disposal?
  4. Have you been able to develop your community during the pandemic?
  5. Has your company seen double digit growth each of the last 10 years?
  6. Do you feel like your business is prepared for the future when it comes to ad tracking, customer experience, and dat/analytics?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, you would make an amazing leader within the Cogent Collective. Most likely, you answered no to most, if not all of these questions and this is where Cogent can help. Cogent is designed to be consultative to your needs and help you navigate the landscape. We do the leg work for you so that our members can benefit.

Some of the largest brands in every vertical have the resources to join an accelerator like Plug and Play or TechStars. Here they gain access to emerging technology but they still need to do their own vetting. At Cogent, we do the curation and vetting for you, with the help of some members, so not everyone has to.

The companies listed below are all members of Plug and Play. The average cost of sponsorship at PNP is $150k per year. Additionally, these companies dedicate a person to be on site for demo days, pitch days, and individual meetings with start-ups. This is the business equivalent of the one percenters. The biggest companies get bigger because they can afford to spend while the smaller companies fall behind. Just look at the growth of these companies. I am not relating all their growth to PNP but it’s an indication that they can afford to spend on resources to generate growth. At Cogent, we aim to democratize emerging technology so every company can compete.

  • Microsoft: $69.94B in 2011, $168.09B in 2021 (Statista)
  • Adidas: ecommerce net sales from 2014-2021: $136 M to $3B (Statista)
  • TJX global sales 2013-2020: $25.8 MM to $41.7 MM (Statista)
  • Marriott: 2010-2020: $11B to $21B (Macrotrends)
  • American Airlines: 2010-2020: $20B to $44B (Macrotrends)
  • Trip Group ( 2010-2020: $328 MM to $5.1B (Macrotrends)

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