A Cogent Evolution

“Ignorance in the face of change will lead to your demise.” With these words in mind, Cogent evolves a little bit every day. On occasion, we need to aggregate our change into a business update. 

Cogent is close to two years old and in our time, we have learned an enormous amount from our members and our partners. New challenges have arisen while new solutions grow. We have been fortunate enough to partner with some pretty amazing companies and we are excited for what is on the horizon. In an effort to make Cogent more digestible to Marketers and eCommerce leaders, we have organized our business into four distinct groups; Cogent Media & Measurement, Cogent Creative, Cogent eCommerce, and Cogent Data and Analytics. Depending on your core role within your respective organizations, one of these divisions may appeal to you more than the others. It is worth noting that partners in each division can make efforts in the other division better. You will see this reorganization appear on our website, in Cogent Collective materials, and in our communication to you.

Market data and analytics can make your eCommerce efforts stronger, while informing your creative messaging so that your media performs better. We could have called this the Cogent Tech Stack but in our experience, tech stacks don’t speak to everyone. We want to be inclusive and ensure that everyone is finding value with Cogent and what we have to offer. If any member would like to invite others from within their organization to be in the collective, the invitation is open.

We currently have 14 partners and 2 more that we are performing market research for so they can evolve their own businesses. Our newest partner will be announced next week. You will learn more about them in the coming days but what they have been able to achieve so far with the likes of JCP is quite amazing. If you want to decrease bounce rates and increase revenue (who doesn’t), then you won’t want to miss what they have to offer our members!

The companies that we have partnered with are because of input from our members. These are all companies that we deeply vetted and believe offer our members real value. In many circumstances, we have worked with them to create a low barrier of entry, minimizing your risk. 

Lastly, and most importantly, Cogent’s role is to ride alongside you and make sure you trial and partner the right solution for your needs. We will be your advocate and hold our partners accountable because it’s our members that make this model work.

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