Special Event: Holiday Demo Day Improve Your Holiday Performance 

Please join us for the Cogent Demo Day Series. This months demos will focus on how Marketers can improve their performance this holiday season and drive more incremental sales. We will present ideas on how to make your current channels better and new channels that can help you rise above your competition. Each idea can still be implemented this year without a heavy lift. Each partner will have a 15 minute time slot to demonstrate their opportunity, including Q&A. You are welcome to submit questions ahead of time to sean@becogent.co or ask them during the demo.

12:00-12:05 Opening Remarks
12:05-12:20 – Zembula – Making email dynamic and engaging
12:20-12:35 – PebblePost – PDM RT and Prospecting
12:35-12:50 – Adomni – Targeting active shoppers w/DOOH
12:50-1:05 – Hunch – Stopping the Scroll on FB and IG
1:05-1:20 – Frequency (w/DAX) – Personalize and target your holiday audio message on streaming and radio
1:20-1:30 – Wrap Up and Buffer

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Webinar, Audio, and Video Content That We Appreciate

Billboard Insider Podcast Adomni founder Jonathan Gudai talks about how out of home is recovering and what he thinks of the capital flowing into programmatic out of home.

– Incrementality Insight Series: Why add geo-testing to your measurement strategy? August 12, 2021 @ 11 am PST

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