Partner Spotlight: Adomni

Sean Simon

Published on February 28, 2021

KylieSkin targeted over 4,300 large screens and 300 shopping malls in over 1,000 cities to drive sales. All of their inventory was sold out within hours, and drove major buzz across social media. The planning for this campaign took just a few days!

Partner Spotlight

This week’s spotlight is on Adomni, a company revolutionizing the Digital Out-of-Home space. Their mission is to connect brands and agencies of all sizes with optimal consumers via a network of over 440,000 real-world screens. Uber’s official advertising network, Adomni, helps advertisers deliver better marketing results by reaching consumers on-the-go in a meaningful way. This includes everything from larger-than-life screens in Times Square, to small screens in retail locations and exclusive Uber OOH inventory.

UberOOH currently operates in PHX, DAL, ATL, LA and Boston with many more cities to come in 2021.

At Cogent, we believe that marketers will need more measurable solutions to reach consumers as changes on Facebook, Apple, and Chrome take hold. By diversifying efforts into other measurable channels, brands can mitigate any losses endured by these changes.

Adomni’s technology, user experience, and service are unmatched by any other company in their space. With unparalleled reach across the U.S., CA, and the UK, Adomni offers marketers a one stop place for all their DOOH planning, buying, and optimizing needs. If you are interested in testing DOOH, we have some compelling added value opportunities to test during Q1. Let us know, and we can tell you more!

SuperDraft scores big for Super Bowl LV, harnessing the Speed and Agility of Programmatic DOOH

Published on Billboard Insider

On the Thursday prior to Super Bowl weekend 2021, the new Daily Fantasy Sports app – SuperDraft realized that it had a problem.

Its $1,000,000 BIG GAME fantasy contest had only 26 of 267 entrants signed up to play. And the top 60 ranked contest participants were guaranteed to win, with the grand prize winner taking home $300,000.

They knew that they needed to take action.

Enter programmatic Digital Out of Home.

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A Cogent Thought:

5 hours from start to launch in a channel that historically took weeks to plan and execute.

Reach and scale that couldn’t be accomplished with any other channel so quickly, with performance that was measurable.

5,292 screens reached.

20 unique NFL markets.

38.5M impressions were delivered in a 2 1/2 day time-span.

$740k in registrations in 2.5 days.

How will it impact you?

1. Limited event tracking

2. Limited attribution windows

3. Delayed campaign reporting (up to 72 hours)

4. Campaign reporting will be modeled to the ad set/ad group level only.

5. User attribute breakdowns (demographics, interests, etc.) will be deprecated.

6. Remarketing audience sizes will be reduced.

Brands need to diversify their media channels and measurement solutions.

What Advertisers Need to Know About Apple’s & Facebook’s Changes

Published by PPC Hero

Apple’s new protocols (ATT – App Tracking Transparency, that focus on mobile apps & PCM – Private Click Measurement that focus on websites), though slightly different when applied to Web or Apps, state that there shouldn’t be a direct linkage between a user and the ad click event, blocking the ads platforms (like Facebook) to identify a specific user.

They claim that an advertiser should only know that some user clicked an ad and that some user converted on their site. While this seems relatively trivial, the underlying concept here is that the advertiser will report only on the campaign level metrics, i.e. Campaign A had 100 clicks and five conversions. Any granular reporting beyond that, e.g. which ad set, or specific ad converted, or which user demographic converted, will not be shown.

While the ATT protocol requires that users actively opt-in to be tracked (with limitations described above), the PCM protocol will default on the Safari browser.

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How Top-Performing Enterprise Content Marketers Get the Work Done

Published by the Content Marketing Institute

Have you ever heard (or voiced) these content marketing laments? “If only we had more budget.” “If only we had more people.” “If only we had more time to prove this works.”

Many content marketers believe these factors are the secrets to success. And, according to our latest study of enterprise marketers, there does seem to be a correlation.

But remember, correlation isn’t causation.

When we compare those top-performing enterprise marketers against all enterprise respondents, we found notable differences in team size and organization.

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A Cogent Thought:

Less than half of the top content marketers have teams of 6 or more people. 

More than half of enterprise marketers had a budget in excess of $100k in 2020.

56% of all respondents use content marketing to drive sales.

Having the right tools will make creating high-performing content easier, and more effective.

A Cogent Thought:

Outsource what you don’t know. Trying to be a hero can get you in hot water.

Revisit your SEO strategy. The landscape has changed, and it’s quite difficult to be successful without a complete strategy and understanding its implications.

Invest in content. The longer you can keep someone on your site, the more likely they are to spend money with you.

Make your content original, interactive and engaging.

3 tips to boost your digital marketing in 2021

Published by the SmartBrief

While 2020 wasn’t great from most perspectives, it was a banner year for digital marketing. As consumers hunkered down at home, they spent more time and money online.

Do not expect digital marketing to lose its value in 2021. Shopping habits are sticky. Even as consumers venture out more as the pandemic recedes, they’ll continue to log on.

Your marketing investments need to reflect market realities. Make sure your digital marketing game is where it needs to be to compete in 2021.

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Podcast of the Week

The Use of Positive Reinforcement in Marketing

Produced by The MarTech Podcast

Cogent Takeaways:

Positive reinforcements help build habits.

Negative reinforcements can push someone to make a decision.

Treat your good customers well, and humanize your outreach.

It’s less expensive to upsell/resell your previous customers than it is to acquire new customers. Send a thank you when customers reach certain thresholds

Surprise and delight with rewards. This will lead to brand loyalty, and the reward doesn’t need to be big. Think about the chocolate a waiter leaves for you at the end of the meal… you tend to tip better.

Member Spotlight

Mike Orenstein

Marketing Technology Product Manager
@Best Buy

Mike is well-versed on the landscape of Marketing Technology. Having spent his entire 16+ year career at Best Buy, Mike has held various roles from Data Analyst to Sr. Manager of Marketing Technology. His experience supporting such a large brand in this capacity is unmatched. Our experience with Mike has shown us his calm and deep understanding of the ecosystem. This leads him to ask all the right questions.

Mike has been a member of the Cogent Collective since July 2020. Although many of our partners don’t fall under Mike’s purview, he has done an amazing job making sure the relevant people inside Best Buy are aware of relevant solutions.

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