How to Get the Most Out of Cogent

Sean Simon

Published on January 25, 2021

How to Get the Most Out of Cogent

At Cogent, we have curated emerging technology solutions based on input and needs expressed by you, our members. We have assembled topline information and videos on our websitebut the best way to learn about our partners is to meet with them. We understand that you may not be the key stakeholder for each of these solutions, so we welcome introductions to the right people inside your organizations. If you like what you hear, we have negotiated opportunities for you to pilot solutions with low barriers to entry. We believe that our partners offer the best solutions in their respective spaces, and we want you to experience their benefits. We have vetted them all so that you can reap the rewards!

Why SEO Still Matters In 2020

Published on Forbes

The reality is that SEO still matters in 2020, though many of the practices and methods have changed. For example, Google’s 2019 BERT update lit a fire under SEO professionals to focus more on optimizing content based on search intent rather than keywords. Many businesses still need SEO, but they’ll need to adapt to the shifting landscape.

Aim to create content that is optimized to answer users’ questions and provide as much value as possible. For example, if the keyword you’re trying to rank for is “B2B lead generation,” do a quick Google search of this term to see what pages are ranking in the search results. Are most of the results service pages (say, B2B lead generation services), or are they blog posts (“What is B2B Lead Generation?”). What’s currently ranking can give you a good idea of the type of content you should create. Then, craft content that best provides what the user intended to find. For a service page, that means breaking down the B2B lead generation services you offer, how to contact you, client results, etc. For a blog post, define what B2B lead generation is, how it works, how to get started and anything else a user might want to learn about this topic.

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A Cogent Thought:

Search intent matters more than the keyword.

Content should be tailored to your target audience, and made to be more engaging.

SEO is the best way to reach Millenials.

A Cogent Thought:

Performance branding is key for brands with longer consideration cycles.

Video needs to be combined with other channels, with a focus on the users intent within each channel.

Video and display need to be relevant to the user, or it’s a wasted impression. 

Purple Mattress: ‘Views Don’t Mean Much If People Don’t Take Action’

Published by AdExchanger

Mattress startup Purple doesn’t run unskippable video ads.

“If someone’s on YouTube and ready to watch a video of their choosing, but you’re forcing them watch 30 seconds of ads first – that’s a brand imposing their will on the viewer,” said Rob Towne, director of performance marketing at Purple Mattress.

“If you give consumers autonomy to interact with an ad on their terms, it leads to better outcomes rather than us dictating what their next behavior needs to be,” Towne said.

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Fashion apparel makes a comeback, focus on digital deepens, and other 2021 predictions

Published by Retail Dive

According to Deloitte survey data, digital acceleration remains a priority for 88% of retail executives going into 2021, making it chief among all topics. That follows a year when, according to Deloitte InSightIQ analysis of Affinity Solutions spending data, online’s share of retail spending hit 40% in the spring and holiday season.

It wasn’t digital alone that surged last year. Omnichannel, with its blend of digital and store operations, also took center stage and is likely to remain a major force in retail. According to a November study from NPD, 34% of consumers reported using a buy online, pick up in store option since COVID-19 restrictions began, and 31% said they had used curbside pickup.

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A Cogent Thought:

Curbside pickup, buy-online-pick-up-in-store, and ship-from-store are absolute table stakes.

Fashion will supplant casual in 2021 as consumers need to update their wardrobe.

Omni-channel sales will pick up, but eCommerce will still continue to lead the way for all consumers.

A Cogent Thought:

Consumers are listening to content on more and more devices as audio content grows.

Mobile devices still account for 48% of audio listening.

With so many more content and device choices than 10 years ago, marketers need a strategy to reach their target audiences on the right device at the right time within the right content.

Smart Speaker Share Of AM/FM Streaming Climbs 29% In Two Years!

Published by InsiderRadio

There’s more evidence that smart speakers are growing as a device used by Americans to consume AM/FM radio programming. The portion of listening to U.S. AM/FM streams that occurs on smart speakers climbed to 22% in December 2020, up from 19% in December 2019 and 17% in December 2018. That represents a 29% increase in the share of AM/FM streaming taking place on smart speakers in two years.

The increase isn’t coming at the expense of listening taking place on mobile devices. That still accounts for a plurality of listening, clocking in at 48% for each of the years examined by Triton. “Other” devices, which include desktop and laptop computers, fell from a 35% share in December 2017 to 30% in December 2020.

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Podcast of the Week

 The Great Identity Shakeup Of 2021

Produced by AdExchanger

Cogent Takeaways:

1. The Year of The Publisher!

“Regulations will swing the balance of power back to the consumers, and authentication becomes incredibly important.”

2. Data Collaboration

“Over the last ten years, successful companies have been really smart at collecting, analyzing, and activating data. Companies that haven’t leveraged data well have a real opportunity to collaborate with others.”

3. “Regulation and fragmentation will drive tremendous standardization and globalization.”

Member Spotlight

Houman Akhavan


Houman inspires a culture of curiosity, because he and his team have a “test and learn” mindset. Houman and team have evaluated all relevant partners, and he constructively provides feedback, making him an invaluable member of the Cogent Collective. Houman will be on a panel at Commerce Next on a topic near and dear to our hearts: “Measurement and Attribution”.

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