Cogent Partners with Adomni

Sean Simon

Published on December 1, 2020

Adomni is Cogent’s newest partner, and we are very excited to introduce them to the Cogent Collective. Adomni is doing for digital out of home what DSP’s did for display. They have access to over 400k screens and 35 media types, allowing brands to express themselves any way they want, all over the world. I like to say that this isn’t your father’s OOH because these messages can be targeted, measured, optimized, and retargeted against in a privacy compliant way. Watch this video to learn how targeting and measurement works in DOOH.

Benefits of Adomni:

  • Scale that reaches more than 448,000 digital out-of-home screens
  • Targeting that allows brands to place messages where their audiences are and while on the move
  • Cross-channel solutions to complement advertisers existing strategies by remarketing exposed users on mobile devices
  • Media Formats that allow brands to push their message in a variety of ways that will be impactful and memorable
  • Uber partnership that brings hyper-targeted messages to individual neighborhoods

To add to the excitement, Adomni has a huge partnership with Uber that is bringing cartop messages to more and more neighborhoods monthly.

Adomni’s mission is to connect brands and agencies of all sizes with optimal consumers via a network of over 448,000 real world screens. From larger-than-life screens in Times Square to small screens in retail locations and exclusive Uber OOH inventory. Adomni is Uber’s official advertising network. Adomni helps advertisers deliver better marketing results by reaching consumers on-the-go in a meaningful way.

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