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Sean Simon

Published on November 11, 2020

Cogent founders, Sean Simon and Tom Barbaro, want to thank all of our members and partners for a tremendous 2020. We believe that our model for discovery, education, and trial is the new standard in our industry. We understand that as Digital Leaders you have very little spare time to discover new opportunities. We also understand that your business challenges are constantly evolving. We are eager to support you in the evolution and growth of your business.

Cogent has been busy this year adding 135 exceptional leaders to the Cogent Collective.  We now have 7 amazing emerging technology solutions, with a focus on adding 3 more in 2020. This newsletter aims to update you on 5 of our solutions. We realize that Q4 may not be the best time to test new solutions, but if you see something that interests you, please let us know and we will schedule a demo when it’s most convenient for you.

You can find regular updates on the Cogent Collective LinkedIn Group page so if you haven’t accepted our invitation yet, please do so:


Adomni is Cogent’s newest partner, and we are very excited to introduce them to the Collective. Adomni is doing for digital out of home what DSP’s did for display. They have access to over 400k screens and 35 media types, allowing brands to express themselves any way they want, all over the world. I like to say that this isn’t your father’s OOH because these messages can be targeted, measured, optimized, and retargeted against in a privacy compliant way. Watch this video to learn how targeting and measurement works in DOOH.

To add to the excitement, Adomni has a huge partnership with Uber that is bringing cartop messages to more and more neighborhoods monthly. If you aren’t familiar with this space, please let us know and we will get you a 101. If you are familiar with DOOH, we would appreciate your perspective on this medium.

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Quite possibly our most exciting news of the year, Fixel has been acquired by Logiq. Sean and Tom have been advising Fixel on their U.S. go to market strategy for two years, and earlier this year connected Fixel with the folks at Logiq for what is a perfect match. Fixel will continue to operate as an independent product, but live within the Logiq stack continuing its mission to deliver performance and privacy at scale. This acquisition will give Fixel resources in the U.S. to help them to continue to develop their product for a world without cookies and tightening privacy controls. If you are worried about these things, or simply want to have more control over your own user data, check Fixel out.

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Frequency launched its latest DCO for Audio campaign for KFC in Australia. The campaign changes creative to promote meals, personalized based on location, daypart, day-of-the-week, device, and even weighted distribution of creative for certain days. This is the next iteration of the campaign after first personalizing the creative based on a listener’s proximity to one of KFC’s 240 locations in Australia. KFC continues to experiment and will be testing additional data combinations in the coming weeks with sports scores. If anyone would like to learn more about the audio channel, Frequency’s CEO has prepared an Audio 101 presentation to teach our members all about the landscape, technologies, and opportunities to maximize this channel for your marketing needs.

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Setka reached top-tier Microsoft Partner status because of their ability to help employers improve internal communications. Creating internal communications that truly engage employees has always been important, but it’s become mission-critical in today’s work-from-home world—and a lot of companies worldwide are having to scramble to figure out how to do it right. That’s why Setka is so excited to announce the next step in their journey with Microsoft, to continue creating solutions together that will improve the internal comms game.

While they have been a Microsoft partner for a while now (launching an integration with their SharePoint product last year) they have now reached “co-sell ready” status with them. This indicates that they are a top-tier partner and are among a select few collaborating with Microsoft to provide a joint solution for more effective internal communications.

Cogent’s entire website has been updated using the Setka Editor on WordPress.

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Synapbox launches the first ever Creative+Data Cloud:

Real world focus groups are a thing of the past. COVID was just the tip of the iceberg for this aging and expensive process. Now brands and agencies can test any type of asset against their target audience with virtual panels before spending precious media budgets. While doing so with Synapbox, they can capture emotional reactions with biometric technology and track eye movement to ensure consumers eyes go where you want them to. When combined with surveys, Synapbox can provide brands and agencies actionable data in a matter of days.

Then post-campaign, inject your performance data into the platform so over time, you can query your Synapbox cloud to gain insights before new creative strategy and development begins.

This creative development process plus pre and post data will increase speed to market, result in better creative messaging, and drive better performance.

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We aim to provide high level and interesting updates on a regular basis. If you would like to speak at any time, let us know. We are here to serve you, the Cogent Collective and be your personal Incubator.

We sincerely thank you for your support, and look forward to an amazing finish to what has been a trying year. Stay safe and talk soon,

Sean & Tom

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