Best Suited For:

  • MarTech, adTech, and eComm Tech businesses that are looking to gain the attention of buyers in a more qualified, less intrusive manner.
  • Brands that are looking for a better, faster, and more clear way to discover and evaluate technologies that can address their business needs in the short and long-term without any additional costs.

We help the industry make sense of graphs like this so that brands can find the right solutions for their specific needs 

The Business Problem Cogent is Solving For:

There are over 17k MarTech companies within our ecosystem today. It has become nearly impossible for vendors to standout and gain the attention of their ideal customers. Vendors have resorted to playing a numbers game with SDR’s, cold emails, and LinkedIn outreach. These tactics are exhausting and they just don’t work. As much as Salespeople want to be consultative, brands just don’t have the time and/or desire for it. Unfortunately, even vendors that have the best, right solution for a brand can’t break through the clutter and noise. Equally as challenging, vendors feel pressure to take deals that might not be the best fit for their business because they need the revenue. Our industry needs a place for brands and vendors to come together in a non-threatening way to drive their businesses and the industry forward, with ease.

About Cogent Spotlight 

The Cogent Spotlight Discovery Platform is designed to help buyers of technology find solutions that are purpose built to address their business needs. Sometimes brands know the category of the solution and sometimes they just know the problem they have. With the Cogent Spotlight Discovery Platform, brands can search for solutions in a variety of ways.

  • Drop Down Search directly from the homepage
  • Category Pages 
  • Business Challenge Pages
  • Vendor Product Pages like the one you are reading

Participating vendors get to complete the relevant RFI’s ahead of time, ensuring that they are always in the consideration set. Then…

  • The brands RFI manager ranks the questions based in their business needs
  • Key stakeholders can be invited in to ensure alignment across the organization from the start
  • Impacted departments and teams can be easily surveyed for input relevant to their specific needs
  • The brands RFI manager then scores the answers based on their assessment
  • Our System then calculate the match rate for each vendor and shows the vendor comparison side by side for a more detailed evaluation

What takes 6-12 months to complete today without Cogent can now be done in less than 2-4 weeks. This is also good for the vendors as deals won’t languish in their pipeline and distract their sales teams by focusing on the wrong target accounts.


The Cogent platforms are different than other solutions on the market that simply provide high level information and reviews. Cogent exposes brands to new, unheard of solutions that could be better for their business and helps them choose the right partner for the long-term. Not only does this save time and effort now, but it will provide long-term partners that won’t have to be swapped out in the future because they didn’t meet expectations.

Platform Benefits

Platform ROI

Vendor Opportunities

The Technology

Our proprietary methods help brands compare vendor answers, question by question, so they can see how each compares holistically and granularly. Our systems allow vendors to answer detailed RFI’s ahead of time so buyers can find matches in hours instead of weeks or months. Our technology helps brands make business decisions on quantifiable data rather than subjective opinions. This ensures that brands make investments in their future without the risk of having to reevaluate partners again.

Business Model

The platforms are free for buyers of technology. Vendors pay an annual fee to have a Vendor Product Page, pre-answered questions in the platform, and promotion.

Media & Social

Cogent Company Details

Key Features

  • Search by category or business problem
  • Cogent overviews on mouse-over for every vendor on the platform
  • Detailed Vendor Product Pages
  • Pre-answered RFI’s to expedite the evaluation process and ensure that vendors are being evaluated fairly
  • Proprietary scoring system to help match the right vendors to each brand’s needs
  • Collaboration tools to encourage full participation from the brand’s side and between vendor and brand