Cogent is a community of world-class Marketers and eCommerce leaders, who are looking to stay at the forefront of innovation in their industry.

Cogent helps them in every stage of their innovation journey, from education to execution because most brands and agencies don’t have the time or resources (physical and financial) to dedicate to curating and vetting solutions to address their business needs. Nor do they have time to take meeting after meeting in an effort to make sound partnership decisions

“I can always rely on the Cogent team to introduce us to innovative solutions that match our business needs. They take the time to understand where we have gaps or pain points in the business and do the necessary prep work to make sure each conversation is productive.” 

-Chris George: COO @ Group Nine Media

“Being a member of the Cogent Collective has been very beneficial and rewarding. Not only have I personally been able to learn about new tools and platforms, but have also implemented a few that have helped our business this year. The team has a rigorous vetting process and I can trust that any solutions that are presented meet high standards. Cogent has been a great resource and I look forward to continuing to leverage the collective to help solve my business needs.”

– Bumsoo Kim: Marketing Director @ Ruggable

The Technology Landscape Has Changed

Over the last 10 years, thousands of technology companies have cropped up in dozens of categories across adTech, MarTech, and eComm Tech. Keeping up with this pace of change is nearly impossible to do, especially if it’s not your only responsibility. New business challenges arise daily and buyers of technology don’t always know where to start their search or have the time to put into properly vetting multiple companies before making a decision. Add to this, the daily onslaught of unqualified sales emails that claim to do everything you need without even know what you need.

Cogent offers a better way to discover emerging technology without the time and hassle of traditional methods. By consulting with our members first and then using the collective learning, Cogent is able to focus its research where our members need us to. Chances are, if one member has a challenge, several share that same challenge. After thoroughly vetting multiple solutions, we can begin to educate our members on our findings without the sales pressure typically associated with talking to technology companies. Cogent also works with its partners to educate them on our members needs so all their conversations are meaningful.

The Process & Engagement

Membership in the Cogent Collective is only for professionals that work within Marketing and eCommerce. Unlike most organizations similar to Cogent, our members don’t pay a fee. All our efforts are supported by the partners our members choose to work with.

Through interviews, surveys, and constant member feedback, we curate and vet solutions to address the business needs of the collective. Cogent uses its XXX process to fully vet companies to ensure they are a good fit for our members. Only once a technology has passed our vetting process, will we consider them for partnership.

Member Benefits

Early Access to Emerging Tech

Pre-Vetted with Incentives

No Cost Membership

BOD Opportunities

Networking with Peers

Exclusive Platform/Content

The Collective

An Engaging Network

We bring together the brightest minds within Marketing and eCommerce to network and build relationships to further their careers, businesses, and friendships. Cogent connects individuals within the collective with each other and creates events such as roundtables, webinars, and demos to bring members together in a common setting. Given today’s distributed workforce, it is more challenging than ever to connect with like-minded individuals. Cogent makes this possible through an exclusive group of members that already have common interest