Discovering Technology Made Easy

The Cogent Collective is an invite-only community of 

world-class Marketers and eCommerce leaders

Cogent curates and vets emerging technologies to
find the best solutions for our members based on their needs.

The Evolving Tech Landscape

Over the last ten years, thousands of technology companies have cropped up in dozens

of categories across AdTech, MarTech, and eComm Tech. Keeping up with this pace of

change is nearly impossible, especially if it’s not your only responsibility.

Time Consuming

Finding and connecting with  the right emerging technology companies can be very time consuming.


Dedicating resources to accelerators or building internally can cost well over six figures per year 

Where to Begin

There are 24 Lumascapes highlighting over 10k companies 


Negotiating low barrier of entry opportunities can be stressful when you don’t know where to begin

A Better Way

Rather than going on a hunting expedition every time
a new challenge or need arises, buyers can tap into a 
community resource that has done all the leg work for them.


A focus on solutions 
aligned to the needs of the 


No need to perform the research others have done already.


A rigorous process resulting in  the best solutions for the Collectives.


A focus on execution rather than research and negotiations.

A Community that Works
Together Thrives Together
Cogent is the conduit that brings people,
companies, and technology together to solve
common challenges. Too much time and
money is wasted doing repetitive research by
people in similar roles at different companies.
The Cogent Collective brings real value to its
members without any hassles.

Meet the Cogent Collective

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Member Benefits

The benefits of being a member of the group

Exclusive Network

Build relationships to further their careers, business, and friendships

Unique Experiences

Educational webinars and small roundtable discussions

Curated & Vetted

Solutions curated for member needs, vetted carefully by Cogent


1:1 introductions to peers across the country

BOA/BOD opportunities

Engaged and interested members may find opportunities to get further involved

Private Platform

Exclusive access to content and information on a member only platform. This includes Cogent’s propriety Discovery and RFP Platform

Member Driven Content

We bring together Industry Experts and Technology Leaders on a regular basis to present engaging content to our members and our broader community.

We aim to provide content that is relevant to our members and their current business needs. We do this through webinars, curated demo days, and smaller roundtable discussions. We believe that an engaged community will benefit everyone as they aim to grow their businesses and careers.

Learn more about becoming a member of The Cogent Collective

Cogent acts as an extension of innovation for the world’s leading brands and agencies. We curate emerging technology companies based on the needs and feedback of our hand-selected group of innovative executives within eCommerce, Marketing, and Venture Capital

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